Thursday, 21 October 2010

FaceBook Page

This is a quick link to a FaceBook page set up to support this Boycott.


  1. the boycott is an excellent idea.

    Not directly related, but driven by the same situation, is why a Wealth Tax - as they have in France and many other proper countries - is never even considered in the UK. Properly structured, it enables you not to have prohibitive levels of tax on income or inheritance: you simply take a (very small) percentage of total wealth each year.

    The fact that 1% own 70% in the UK has, of course, nothing to do with its unpopularity with our masters and their cronies

  2. That's a good question and as I don't know the definitive answer I shall have to speculate that the absernce of any consideration of a wealth tax is in some way related to the fact that 23 of the 29 members of the Cabinet were millionaries.

    Source: The Daily Mail of all places.

    Actually this figure may be out of date as David Laws has already had to resign.