Saturday, 23 October 2010

It seems we are not the first to boycott B&Q

This is not the first boycott campaign to affect B&Q.

In 2005 Mel Rowson starting boycotting B&Q after they slapped an £85 parking ticket on his car.

This is not the only time B&Q have sought to enhance their income by fining motorists. Graham Wilson received a £75 parking ticket for parking in the B&Q car park in Dewsbury on a sunday morning, even though he left before the store opened.

That is not the worst, though. In 2005 B&Q had 72 year old Thomas Radcliffe arrested by the police because he had taken an old plug in with him to ensure he purchased a new one that was the correct size ansd they accused him of stealing it, even though they had to later admit that their stores did not stock that model of plug.

I'm beginning to think we should have been boycotting B&Q for years.

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